Match Funding Opportunity

Support this film & help us to provide education for 10,000 children and prevent child trafficking

Everything with this film, to date, has been self-funded. We’ve completed filming and now need funding to complete post-production and distribution to allow us access to global TV markets.

To do this, we are offering you the opportunity to match-donate anything up to $20K.

Why should I donate?

This match fund will not only fund post-production and distribution for this documentary film, but will also directly support Matsiko’s sponsorship program.

By donating, you will directly contribute to ending the cycle of poverty, sending a solid corporate social responsibility message to clients and investors.

Donations will help us reach a target of providing 10,000 children with a complete education, helping to create a generation of doctors, lawyers, accountants, civil engineers, and teachers who will no longer require charitable support.

Matsiko’s educational support is complete from kindergarten to university/trade school. It doesn’t waste money. It goes where it is needed the most.

You will be contributing to help prevent child trafficking.

Child trafficking is a $150bn business

  • Billions of dollars are spent annually to stop trafficking, yet less than 10,000 children are rescued each year.
  • Your tax-deductible donation will help this documentary empower 10,000 of our world’s most vulnerable children and prevent them from being trafficked.
  • UNICEF reports there are 600 million orphaned and at-risk children around the world. If they held hands, they would circle the globe over 18 times. Your tax-deductible matching fund donation wiill help to empower 10,000 of these children with a complete education!

Donating supports the film & Matsiko's sponsorship program

Alongside supporting 10,000 children through a complete education, your donation will fund the post-production and distribution of Matsiko: Let The Children Sing, allowing audiences to have an insight into these children’s lives for the first time, and exposing child trafficking and poverty to an international audience.

You will be publicly aligned to this project, receiving a press pack with a personalised video message from the choir to be used for marketing services. Your name will also appear in the film credits, and you will receive two tickets to the film’s world premiere.